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Conroe Paint Contractors in Conroe, Texas is best known for offering quality paint services at affordable prices. If you’re looking for someone who can offer this to you then look no further. You have arrived at the right place! We are like most of our customers who seek good value for the money and this is why we are determined to be able to offer this to our customers. We work with the most professional painters in Conroe to make sure that our customers receive great value for their money. You are assured of always getting what you pay for when you rely on us for your commercial and residential painting needs.

About Us

We take our time to make sure that we have the right painters in Conroe to address the needs of our customers. This is why we can provide our customers with the best and most effective painting services possible. Our paint contractors prove to be the best at all that they do, which is why our painting services are the preferred painting services. We vet our painters to ensure that they can do what they say they are capable of doing. Along with our efficient painting services, we are the most affordable painting company. We proudly stand by the work that we do and offer you our service guarantee.

Our Services

Regardless of the extent of your painting needs, whether it is house painting or paint restoration, we can offer you the help that you want and need. Make sure you get what you pay for by relying on the preferred services of our local Conroe painters. They take their time to make sure that the work they provide to you is of the highest quality. This often lends itself to our receiving repeat business at Conroe Paint Contractors.


Interior Painting

You don’t have to worry about painting the interiors of your home yourself, as long as our Conroe, TX painters are around. You’re sure to receive the best quality of painting services possible by relying on our painters. Our painters pay close attention to the work they do, whether it is one room or two. You are capable of getting exactly what you are paying for and more by relying on our professional painters.

Exterior Painting

If you have a lovely lawn then we are sure that you wouldn’t want your home to be a distraction. When you have a house that is faded and is no longer attractive then let our painters help you by handling it for you. A nicely painted home will add value to it and help to enhance the appearance of the entire neighborhood.

“We needed a lot of painting work performed so we started calling around. The one place that kept coming up was Conroe Paint Contractors. We decided to give them a try and we are so glad that we did. They offered the most affordable rates and did a fantastic job. We'll use them for our many painting needs.” – John J.

Commercial Painting

When you have a business that has an attractive appearance, it can often attract new customers. However, if you have a commercial business that doesn’t look good then it could cause you to begin to lose business. Your business maintenance team may not always be able to handle all that needs to be done and that is when you can rely on Conroe Paint Contractors. We can help you keep your business looking its best all-year-round.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing the exterior of your home is a great way for us to reach those areas of your home that are hard to get to. This often includes being able to clean the top of your roof, which is extremely difficult to reach. We use safe and effective solutions to pressure wash your home. Give us a chance to show you what we can do with our industrial pressure washing equipment.

“I have used Conroe Painting Contractors for big and small jobs because they always offer me the best quality of service at the best prices possible. They have managed to live up to our expectations and that is why we have continued to recommend their services to our friends and family in Conroe.” – Sally R


Drywall & Texture Repair

If you have drywall that is coming down or a textured ceiling that needs to be repaired, rely on our experts. They have received the right training and have enough experience to effectively handle your repair needs. We are quick to respond to the needs of our customers in Conroe, TX, so why not call us if you require drywall or texture repairs.

Fence & Deck Painting/Staining

When you have a nice fence on your property, it is a good idea to make sure that it is painted with the right paint so that it doesn’t begin to chip or fade. Our expert painting contractors will also apply a stain that will help protect your fence and deck throughout the year. We can help you make your fence and deck look like new again in no time.

“When we started getting price quotes for the painting job that we needed to be performed, we received one from Conroe Paint Contractors. They offered us everything that we needed in one place so we didn't have to call around trying to find another contractor to help with our painting needs. We relied on their services and were able to receive all the help that we needed. ” – Gary T.

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Any time you are looking for someone to help with your painting needs, you can always count on our team of professional painting contractors at Conroe Paint Contractors. Make us your preferred painting service in Conroe and you will be able to receive the quality of service that you want and deserve. Since we offer the most affordable prices and the best quality of services possible, we are often the preferred painting contractors in town.